“X” Marks The Sport! Certified Athletic Trainers Are Heroes

“X” Marks The Sport! Certified Athletic Trainers Are Heroes:   What Makes Them So Special and Great For Our Student Athletes.

“Stand back! The claws are coming out!” Listen up student athletes! The X-men have been alerted that there has been an increase in injuries with high school and college sports. Don’t fret! Magneto hasn’t gone rogue. But, more students are involved in school sports and there’s more pressure for them to perform like superhuman. Consequently, their bodies suffer from it. That’s why Professor Xavier is sending his certified athletic trainer or ATC to Stan Lee University to scratch out emergencies that occur on the sports field.

Okay, you’re wondering what makes this mutant so qualified at handling student athletes. First of all, this dude has an amazing healing factor, which means he can recover from basically any wound with rapid speed. So, along with his certification he’s especially qualified to recognize an injury and aid with recovery. Secondly, he can assist with preventing injuries and avoid any physical storms that athletes might face from possible accidents during sporting activities. You go Logan! Who knew you were more than just a big beast and a smile!

At Achieve Financial Group we decided to catch a ride on the Blackbird X-jet to go watch Wolverine in action. We just wanted to see what made him so special as a certified athletic trainer. We asked Jean Grey to accompany us to explain Wolverine’s skills and duties. She explained an ATC is responsible for:

 Preventing athletic injuries on the field.
 Recognizing injuries, evaluating them and providing immediate medical care.
 Assisting with rehabilitation and reconditioning.
 Screening for concussions and providing post-concussion care.
 Conducting pre-season and post season physicals.
 Designing programs that focus on using proper safety techniques.
 Restoring student function so they can return to their activities safely

Wow! Wolverine has put his X-mending abilities to great use. Now he can heal and protect student athletes from the days of future past and keep them in the game. He may not be taking the last stand on student athletic injuries, but as a certified athletic trainer, he has proven to be first class!

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