Wizards Know What to Do When Your Retirement Planning Has a Late Start

3 Steps to take to save cash for your retirement when you don’t have much time

“Yellow Brick Run!” Dorothy you’d better click those ruby red heels and catch up to your retirement planning. Look, you’re getting older; it’s time that you stopped clapping back at that west side witch over the whole house drop thing. She’ll always have an attitude, but you won’t always be in the workforce. So, you need to start saving now before she gets you and your little dog too!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to meet you in the Land of Oz to give you the heart, the courage and the brains to face this cyclone head on. You need to save a lot in a short amount of time. Now, forget about getting any wizard wisdom, just follow, follow, follow these 3 tips and you’ll be on your way to your own Emerald City.

  1. Start saving diligently. Be prepared to make some lifestyle changes if you want to contribute more to your retirement.
  2. Remain in the workforce longer. Staying on the job will allow you to save more for a longer period of time. You’ll claim social security at a later date, which means you’ll have more money for your retirement.
  3. Be flexible and resourceful. Explore ways to earn extra income. You could also get a reverse mortgage or downsize to a smaller home, which will allow you to have more cash when you reach retirement.

Lions and Tigers and Banks! Oh My! If you stay on the right road, your account will be TOTO-lly the size that you need for a comfortable retirement. Not only will you be safe, your financial problems will be over the rainbow.

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