Don’t be a Potato Head, Learn More about Concussions

7 Effects of Head Injuries in Sports and Other Recreational Activities

“Oops, it looks like Mr. Potato Head just got Played!” Okay, so here’s the whole Toy Story of how he got a concussion playing a game of high school hot potato. In fact, he was so mashed up that his entire face got rearranged. Now, until he gets himself back together, he’s going to be boiling mad! Look, this is serious Woody! You’re supposed to be the athletic coach, so why was your best bud just peeled off the field!

We, at Achieve Financial group, have heard the Buzz around school, so we can’t shelve the issue. Don’t worry; you won’t have to break open your Piggy Bank. We’ll freely explain to Sarge, the sports department and the rest of the school what a concussion is and the results of getting one. All you have to do is listen while we baby monitor the situation.

  1. A concussion is a brain injury that caused a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body
  2. A concussion can change the way your brain normally works
  3. A concussion can occur during practices or games in any sport or recreational activity
  4. A concussion can happen even if you haven’t been knocked out
  5. A concussion can be serious even if you’ve just been “dinged” or “had your bell rung”
  6. Concussions can affect your ability to do schoolwork and other activities
  7. Most people with a concussion get better, but it’s important to give your brain time to heal

“Yee-haw!” Mr. H is going to be fine. Now, Woody, before you try to butter us up with your cowboy antics, we hope you understand that another concussion may not be Light years away. It can happen to any athlete at any time, so make sure that safety precautions are in place for your athletes and you’ll always be our favorite deputy!

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