6 Benefits That Apply at Different Ages When You Retire

Rip Van WAKE UP! Look, Rip Van Winkle before you get your snooze on for the next 20 years, don’t sleep on your retirement options. A guy like you should be deciding on the age you want to retire at, not letting your beard grow out of control because you went M.I.A. on your barber!  In other words, you need to keep one eye open on your finances. Let’s be real, you’re not getting any younger!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to bring an alarm clock up to the mountain where you’re getting your shuteye. To stop you from nodding off, we’ll help you figure out the retirement age that will best cover your finances, when you put your job to bed.

  1. Traditionally full retirement age is 65
  2. The earliest age you can collect your Social Security retirement is 62
  3. If you take Social Security at 62 and continue to work and earn an amount in excess of the earnings limit, your Social Security benefits will be reduced.
  4. You may be eligible to withdraw money from your 401(k) plan as early as age 55.
  5. If you are not yet age 55 and you need to access your 401(k) money, you might be able to use a 401(k) loan, or take a hardship withdrawal.
  6. The average length of retirement is 18 years.

So, Rip, now that we’ve napped this thing in the bud, you can be rest assured that no matter what time you doze, you’ll have chosen the best age to enjoy your retirement AND your slumber.  Call us to learn more about Retiring with a Purpose!  #AchieveMore

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