There’s No Stopping Your Money Growth with Investing $50 a month

There’s No Stopping Your Money Growth with Investing $50 a month:  What Investing $50 a Month Can Look Like in 5, 10, 20 Years with a 6% Interest Rate

Let’s flash back to those BFFs, Miss Feeney and Miss DeFazio. You remember them. They were gonna make their dreams come true! Doin’ it their way! Okay, so bottle capping was a tedious job, but it paid the bills for a couple of wacky bachelorettes. How else could they have afforded their basement apartment and their teen idol records? Oh Fabian! Unfortunately, the paycheck from Schotz Brewery wasn’t enough for them to be wealthy when they reached retirement age. Too bad Angel face. Not even The Big Ragu could sing this problem away!

These good time girls needed to think about investing, so they could have a nice nest egg for their future. But how could they have done that with their meager salaries? Well, they’ve never heard the word impossible, so they decided to make some changes until they were able to find an easy solution. First, Shirley had to stop boo hooing to boo boo Kitty. And Laverne had to refrain from personalizing all of her sweaters with a big L. And by all means, they had to use goofball repellant on their pesky neighbors Lenny and Squiggy? Yeah, Mrs. Babish would be proud.

We, at Achieve Financial Group were able to skype in with Laverne and Shirley at the bowling alley. We told them to give us any chance, we’ll take it to help them easily grow their money from year to year. They were a little hesitant at first, but we promised not to treat them like bimbos. We explained that it would only take a small investment from their income each month. All they had to do was use a basic banking vehicle like a savings account and they would see that a minimal deposit each month would really accumulate overtime.

So, this is what happens if you invest $50 a month at an annual interest rate of 6%. See how it builds overtime:

  • In 5 years you can earn about $3,573
  • In 10 years you can earn about $8,326
  • In 20 years you can earn about $23,383

These are spectacular earnings! Now everything can come up Rosie. That doesn’t mean that Laverne has to give up her milk and Pepsi. Shirley can still keep her dates with Carmine, even if he runs late at dance rehearsal. So, for all of you bobby socksers, who are concerned about having a substantial return on your small investment, start as soon as possible with no less than $50 each month. Look straight ahead and get on track. Are you ready? Okay, on your mark, get set and go now!

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