Financial Goals That Should Be On Your Christmas List This Year

“Forget the Frostbite!” Hey, Jack Frost, why are your financial goals on ice!  The problem is that you’re too busy nipping at everyone’s noses, when you should be making regular investments and efforts toward your future savings! In fact, your financial planning has been frozen for years. It’s no wonder why Santa won’t invite you to any more office Christmas parties at the North Pole. Wow, Jack! You’re too cool to be so whack!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to give you the cold shoulder until you establish a workable plan to save money in 2019.  Now, don’t be offended with this blizzard of shame; we’re just flurry-ous that you’re not worried about your monetary stability. To help you out we’re going to give you some financial goals that you need when hang you up your icicles and retire.

  1. Have a well-stocked emergency fund to cushion the blow in the event of a sudden emergency.
  2. Get out of debt, so you’ll have full control over your income.
  3. Plan for early retirement. You’ll make enough by 65 in the event that you hit a few snags
  4. Create multiple streams of income to enable you to semi-retire at an early age.
  5. Have enough, but not too much, insurance to cover contingencies. Don’t buy so much life insurance that you’ll be worth more dead than you are alive.
  6. Be able to live on less than you earn. You’ll have plenty of income for savings, investments, and for paying off debt.
  7. End any addictions you may have to stuff. Your financial reserves will go to pay for the unnecessary stuff and for its storage.
  8. Plan to do the work that you love. By saving enough, you will be afforded the ability to do what you want when you want.
  9. Plan to leave your financial house in order upon your death. Make sure you provide adequate provisions for those who are dependent upon your financial resources.

Alright, Jack, we may be snow blowing a lot of information at you, but at least your savings will come out of subzero temperatures and heat up! Your financial plan will be as solid as an ice block and will one day give you financial independence. So, thaw out Mr. Frost; years from now you’ll be able to chill out and enjoy your retirement.

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