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Experience The “Magic” of On-Demand Healthcare. Your Healthcare Wishes are Just a Click Away.

First it’s a sneeze, then a cough. What’s going on? Your nemesis, “Jafar”, must be up to his old tricks again. He knows you don’t have time to get on your “magic carpet and ride” down to your doctor’s office, let alone get an appointment at such short notice. Okay, it’s not an emergency, but in your fantasies you’re able

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Get ‘Magical’ Savings before the Clock Strikes Twelve…Put money in your IRA before the April 15 deadline and save on your taxes

Whew! The past year has been a whirlwind for you. You may have a fairytale job, and you’ve been working especially hard, so you can get out there and enjoy yourself like everyone else in town. Unfortunately, your evil “debt sisters” have been trying to distract you and usurp your attempts to save money on your taxes. You don’t want

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