Student Athlete Transfers Is a Challenging Game to Win

Is Student Athlete Transferring Specifically For Their Sport Getting Worse?

“Oooh, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!” Watch out! Bruce Banner has lost his cool again. This time he turned green and busted the stitches in his clothes. Whoa! Can someone get him a needle and thread, then find out what made him go berserk? Well, when he heard that student athletes are allowed to transfer schools for athletic purposes, he went ballistic! Man, get a grip and seek anger management therapy!

We, at Achieve Financial Group with Monarch Management, are going to meet Bruce in the lab, once he gets rid of that monster attitude. We want to try an experiment that involves explaining to him why student athletes are able to transfer schools all willy nilly, even though restrictions are in place. If this hulk of a man can hear this news without blowing a fuse, then the whole school can take a sigh of relief. Now, that would be incredible!

  • State championship teams like to feature players who have not been a part of the community.
  • According to coaches, because so many athletes are allowed to transfer in all sports, student athletes have a “free-agent mentality.”
  • Transferring for athletic purposes is currently the biggest issue in high school athletics.
  • Many athletes need athletic scholarships, so they will transfer to schools that serve their best interests.
  • Moving for athletic purposes can be in the best interests of some students.
  • Allowing such transfers without restrictions could have a disastrous effect on high school athletics
  • Players often find their way to preferred landing spots.
  • In 1933, the UIL created a rule that required all transfers to sit out one year before gaining eligibility at their new school, but many athletes find a loophole.
  • Some high school coaches believe transferring for athletic purposes is getting worse as parents manipulate the system and teammates from club teams end up at the same school.

Bruce may not understand the science of it all, especially with that split personality issue he has. But, at least he knows that although, he may not be able to transform the student athlete transferring system, there are barriers in place to prevent student athletes from losing total control.

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