5 Ways HR and Payroll Can Have a Negative Effect on Your Benefits When There is a Lack of Communication

Simon Says What!” Look, he may be the life of the party, but why is this dude on the job site? He’s notorious for changing his mind and he’s always barking orders at employees, which could explain the lack of effective communication between HR and payroll. Now employee benefits are messed up and workers aren’t getting paid what they’re due. We just want to know who let this control freak in the building!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, aren’t going to tell you what to do, but we can help you eliminate problems in your payroll department by identifying communication issues. Once we do that, you should see why paychecks and benefit packages are such a hot mess!

  1. You may be expecting your tech department to solve benefits communications problems
  2. HR can’t navigate the tax code efficiently, which results in lost benefits and resources.
  3. Your HR department may depend on health insurers and third-party administrators alone for information.
  4. Accounting and finance haven’t ensured HR implements 125 & 105 plans correctly
  5. The right plans haven’t been chosen together with the comptroller and HR hasn’t looked at how to use ACA laws to their advantage.

We may not give you specific instructions, but whatever you do, stop listening to  Simon. He has no game and he’s a definite loser at work.  Just do your best to establish an effective line of communication between departments. Then HR and payroll can compensate employees, so that no one feels left out#AchieveMore 

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