Why You Shouldn’t be “Sleeping” on the “Beauty” of Annuities

Four Main Reasons Why an Annuity Can Help You in Your Retirement

“Zzzzz…” Aurora stop hitting the snooze button and wake up! We understand that you need to get your beauty sleep, but Maleficent is trying to put a curse on your finances. Oh, you didn’t know? Yeah, she still has a serious attitude about not getting an evite to your last event. Now she’s hoping that while you’re napping you’ll miss the main reasons why you should get an annuity. What a royal pain!

Now, you’d better watch out! Once she starts spinning her wheels, she can be ruthless. So, we recommend that you let go of that pillow and find out how an annuity can help you when you retire. How about this, we, at Achieve Financial Group, will slip a note to the three good fairies and they’ll fly it to your kingdom, so you can read it for yourself. But girl, try not to doze off. You’ve got things to do!

On that note we’ll list the four main reasons why you should get an annuity:

  1. Safety– Because annuities are acquired through an insurance company, consumers get an extra level of security that they may not get with their banking institution. Insurance companies have safeguards that protect the consumer in case the insurance company fails.
  2. Tax Deferral– Annuities offer tax deferred growth on investment that makes them preferable to many alternate safe money financial vehicles.
  3. Guaranteed Income– Several types of annuities offer a quality source of guaranteed lifetime income immediately or for the future.
  4. Rate of Return– Although rates offered through annuity contracts are competitive, they hold more value because of their safety, tax deferral and guaranteed income benefits.

Alright princess, quit dragon your heels and get to your ‘spin’surance agent today to set up an annuity for your future. You don’t need sorcery to understand it, they’ll spell it out for you, so everything you need is right at your fingertips!

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