Safety Tips for Teen Student Athletes to Avoid Injury

Hey Little Boy Blue! Uh, don’t you mean little boy black and blue? This kid finally decided to stop sleeping on the job and join the football team. Yup! He’s been blowing his horn about it all over the prairie. But, the other day he almost had a cow when his coach tried to give him some sports safety tips. Now he’s all bruised up from being tackled. And guess what! He went back to lazing around in the haystacks again. Hmph, figures.

It’s a good thing that Blue’s parents purchased athletic insurance in case he horses around on the field and gets injured. However, this little farmer’s boy needs to learn a thing or two about athletic safety, so coach reminded him to:

  • Wear a helmet to protect the head – Make sure it fits snugly and comfortable on your head and doesn’t tilt backwards or forwards.
  • Wear Eye Protection – To protect your eyes during the game, you can wear a shield or goggles. They should fit securely on your head. And have cushions above the eyebrows and over the nose.
  • Use Special Safety Equipment – Wear mouth guards, knee guards, wrist guards and shoulder pads to protect the teeth and bones from fracture.
  • Warm Up Before the Game –Warm up exercises help to prevent injury. Exercises that are great for warming up are jogging, jumping jacks, brisk walking and stretches.
  • Stay Off the Field when Hurt – If you’ve been injured and you try to come back too soon, you run the great risk of re-injuring yourself — maybe even more seriously than before.
  • Follow the Rules of the Game – Learn the rules and follow them. They’re put in place to regulate the game and help you avoid injuries.

Blue is going to look after the sheep in the meadow while he heals. But, before he heads back out on the gridiron he’ll know how to stay safe and avoid any more injuries.  Protect YOUR student athletes with our Accident and Athletic Insurance coverage from Monarch Management Corporation.  Ask us for a quote today!  #MonarchCares #AchieveMore

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