Retirement Perks Are Available for Those Who “Love” Freebies

Retirement Perks Are Available for Those Who “Love” Freebies: 8 Free Benefits When You’ve Retired or Have Reached Retirement Age

Hey Lucy, he’s ho-o-ome! Ricky has finished early at the Tropicana Club tonight and he has news. The popular band leader has decided to hang up his bongo drums and retire. Uh, oh! His zany high-strung wife is not too excited about this revelation. How can she be? This means she’ll never be able to sneak her way into one of his shows again. She’s also concerned that she may not be able to buy those fancy hats and dresses she adores. And what about her hair appointments? There are some people who still believe she’s a natural red head. Okay, Mr. Ricardo, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Lucy’s on edge. She’ll get her best friend, Ethel on the line. She can always get her upstairs neighbor in on her wild antics. She’ll just need to get Mrs Trumbull to babysit Little Ricky. During their weekly bridge game, Ethel’s husband, Fred, gets wind of Lucy’s hair-brained scheme and decides to crush it like a grape. He suggests that Lucy call Achieve Financial Group to find out about the extra advantages of retiring. He’s notoriously frugal, so he knew about some freebies that retirees are privileged to. Hopefully, after Lucy finds out what they are, she’ll consider letting her Don Juan husband go forward with his plans. These are a few of those freebies:

  1. Free transportation. Some localities and states let people 65 years and older ride for free on public transportation.
  2. Free eye care. EyeCare America, a program of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, offers free eye exams to patients 65 or older.
  3. Free state park admission. A handful of state park systems, including Texas, waive admission fees or offer free annual passes to older adults.
  4. Free food. Restaurants like Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Tim Hortons and 711 offer food drink freebies periodically to recognize certain days.
  5. Free museum admission. Many museums nationwide let retirement-age visitors visit for free on certain days.
  6. Free prescription drugs. There are some programs through pharmacies and supermarket chains that offer free to low-cost medications. You can access some of these programs through the RxAssist database.
  7. Free college tuition. Some colleges and universities waive tuition for people 65 or older.
  8. Free preventive care. Health insurers under the ACA of 2010 are required to cover certain preventative care without subjecting patients 65 and older to co-payments and deductibles. Sometimes preventative care is free through Medicare.

Now that’s the ticket! She may not be privy to any bonus bucks, but she can sure get some free benefits for reaching retirement age. Now she can go out and have a ball and not have to Baba-Lose anything.

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