Reducing Debt and Boosting Credit Can Be Done in a “Snap”

How to Simply Decrease Debt and Increase Credit by Changing Your Payment Habits

They may be creepy and kooky, but the Addams Family is having some common financialadams family problems that make Gomez want to scream. Of course, he had a hand in the situation, but he doesn’t think he should have to give up his pin striped suits, eccentric cigars and exotic animals. Hey, his house is a museum, where people come to see em’, so what else would you expect? His Querida, Morticia, really wants to be in the black and improve their credit score, but the debts are piling up like the stripes on Pugsley’s t-shirts. How can she convince her husband to stop buying and start reducing their financial obligations? She knows it’s the only way that the credit bureaus will see them as low risk. Alas, Gomez would rather crash and derail his electric trains than give up one thing. Oh, Cara Mia!

Morticia hoped that grandmamma could conjure up a potion to fix this credit catastrophe, but this is one of those issues that no spell can combat. She thought she could help out, so you rang up Cousin Itt for his advice. Oops, you forgot about his Wednesday hair salon appointment. Of course that always takes all day! Don’t be discouraged. Look, there’s no use in letting your uncertainty fester. There’s a solution right at their fingertips.

At Achieve Financial Group, we won’t leave this unusual family in the lurch. We can offer some tips on how to raise their credit score, with a simple strategy.

 Pay your monthly bills on time, every time, to get a positive view from credit bureaus.
 Pay off credit cards with the highest interest rates to avoid accumulating large debt.
 Keep your debt low on cards with low limits.
 Don’t use more than 30% of your credit limit.
 Pay Student Loans, which is a different debt than credit cards. Credit Bureaus like to see both.
 Avoid having multiple balances on several credit cards.
 Pay what you owe on past due bills.

So there you go. The problem has been solved and it was neat, sweet and petite. Now, Morticia can go back to painting and clipping off rose heads. Their daughter can keep her collection of headless dolls and their uncle can continue doing his light bulb tricks. These tips can help you too. Whether you live in a big Victorian mansion or a modest and humble abode, you can decrease your debt and bump up your credit as fast as you can snap your fingers.

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