How Offensive Tweets Can Be Painful to a Student Athlete

The Dos and Don’ts that Student Athletes Should Follow if They Choose to Engage on Twitter 

Sufferin’ Succotash!!” Sylvester are you at it again? A little Tweety Bird told us that you stopped chasing canaries and now you’re trolling online. Man, you never quit! We were hoping that you cut out the high jinks, since you joined the high school football team. But, the other day we tawt we taw a putty tat posting some catty comments on Twitter. Fess up feline; we know it was you. Now, you can try to hide and go tweet, but this type of behavior could be catastrophic to your high school sports career.

Granny may think that you’re a harmless fur ball eating rascal, but if your coach sees your naughty tweets about teammates, rules and staff on Twitter, your position on the team could be scratched out for good. We, at Achieve Financial Group, would like to take a little time out of your 9 lives and tell you how you should behave on social media. You may get your whiskers twisted, but your online conduct is judged before you’d be considered for recruitment. So you should listen up:

  • Remember that content lasts forever – You’ll never have complete privacy online. Tweets are public and they never go away, so be sure that whatever you tweet is acceptable to your teachers, your coaches and anyone you tweet about.
  • Take responsibility for your retweets – If you retweet a post, then you own it. Retweeting an offensive post means that you share the sentiment.
  • Represent yourself respectfully – Display images of yourself exhibiting acceptable behavior.
  • Be gracious – Thank your coaches, family, teammates, fans and all who support you. They should be acknowledged and recognized with courtesy and high regard.
  • Be supportive – Be encouraging to teammates and post positive messages about them online, instead of being critical or offensive.

What? Cat got your tongue? Sylvester, stop acting like a scaredy cat. Just make sure that the next time you get the urge to express yourself on social media, take a little catnap and paws before you post. Who knows! You could actually become an MVP, Meow Valuable Player!  #MonarchCares  #AchieveMore 

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