Why a Millennial Should Purchase Life Insurance

The Advantages for a Millennial to Purchase Life Insurance Now

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your guard!” Relax girl, that scissor happy witch is long gone. In fact, she found a stylist in town and now her hair is fried, dyed and laid to the side! Besides, you’re a millennial now. Instead of playing Big Pun in the forest, you should focus on weaving a better plan for your life by getting a life insurance policy, especially since it’s cheaper for the 20-30 something age group

Alright, you may be young; but that won’t last forever, so don’t split hairs on the exact year you should consider getting life insurance. The time is now. We, at Achieve Financial Group, would like to lock in a meeting with you down at the hair salon. We plan to comb through the mane reasons why a millennial can benefit from life insurance now.

  • Term Life Insurance can protect co-signers on loans – With a private loan a co-signer won’t be on the hook to pay off the loan if you die. It provides coverage for a stated period and at a relatively low cost.
  • The cost for a term life policy is lower for a millennial – When buying a term policy, you’ll probably have to answer some general questions about your health and whether you smoke. If you don’t smoke, your premium could be under $20 per month. You’ll likely avoid extensive medical testing, which is often a requirement before you receive coverage.
  • A key-man policy can protect your business if you’re a millennial – They provide the business with the resources to recover from financial losses in the event of an important employee’s untimely death.
  • A financial planner can help you choose the right policy for you – You find out how much you need, how much you can afford and what type of policy you should get to achieve your objectives.

It’s not such hair-raising news; so don’t give us the brush off. Sure, you’ve been conditioned to think that life insurance is only for the older generation, but you should just wash those thoughts right out of your head. You can reap a strand of benefits with a life insurance policy and trim much of the costs.

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