Medical Gap Insurance Solves a “Bunch” of Financial Issues

How Having Medical Gap Insurance Helps with The Costs of Existing Medical Insurance

Your favorite 70’s family is back and concerned about health insurance. How do we know? Well, maybe we should start from the beginning. Here’s a story of a maid named Alice. Yeah, that groovy gal, who’s been a tried and true employee of the Brady household for over a decade, has thrown her back out by slipping on Cindy’s Kitty Karry-All Doll. Come on, if she wasn’t texting recipes, she would have noticed the hair of gold before taking the laundry up. Now she won’t be able to go samba dancing with her boyfriend Sam. They always butcher the moves, but he’s a real tiger on the dance floor!

Thank goodness she has health insurance, but Carol and Mike suspect that she may not have enough. Hey, they knew it was much more than a hunch. What a Brady Blunder! How will she prepare for the out-of-pocket expenses from the hospital and doctor bills? Most insurance will only cover a portion of your overall medical expenses. What about the rest?

Jan is wigging out and Peter’s voice cracked when he found out. Bobby called Marcia three times to tell her, but she isn’t picking up. Greg just drove up wearing some cool new threads. Maybe he can help. Little do the kids know, but their beloved housekeeper called Achieve Financial Group and bought medical gap insurance. It will cover the expenses that her Medicaid doesn’t. What a hip idea!

Achieve Financial Group offers supplemental insurance. The medical gap insurance can help you pay for those expenses that accumulate when you use your current insurance and the additional care that may succeed an incident or illness. These are some of the specific costs that are covered.

Deductibles – The amount you are required to pay for covered health care services. These payments are due before you receive any payments from your health insurance plan

Co-payments – The amount you are required to pay for a covered health care service. You usually pay it when you receive a service and it varies, depending on the type of covered health care insurance you have.

Co-insurance – The calculated percentage of the costs you’re required to pay for a covered health care service. This is a portion of the allowed amount.

Be the architect of your own medical insurance, and contact us at Achieve Financial Group for medical gap insurance. We’ll help you with the annoying medical costs so can Keep on, Keep on, Keep on Movin!’

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