May the “Choice” Be With You. Choosing Disability Insurance and Why it’s important to have it.

first-look-star-wars-costumes-the-original-trilogy_uh8z.1920Okay, the stars are aligned and you have an awesome job that is out of this world. You feel like a master Jedi who has a lightsaber to protect you against any unemployment crisis. You’re skilled, educated, marketable and you’re young enough to be light years away from retirement. You’re not worried. Your empire seems safe.

Ha, you may think that any threat to your ability to work is off in another galaxy, but the truth is that 25% of young people entering the job market will be disabled before they turn 65. Really, it’s not science fiction and you’ve got a galaxy of bills and obligations to manage: mortgage payments, car insurance, utilities to say the least.

Look, there’s a possibility that Darth Vader may send in his stormtroopers to invade your life with an accident, physical illness or mental incapacity, preventing you from making a living. What are you going to do? Luke Skywalker is not going to swoop down in his spaceship and save you from these dark forces. And where are Han Solo and Princess Leia? Captured by an enemy alliance. Oh well, you’re going to have to handle the disability Rebels on your own.

Achieve Financial Group would like to be your financial “yoda” and give you the knowledge and training to rule your own destiny. Now listen closely. Disability insurance may be your only protection if, for some reason, you’re unable to work.

You have the choice of either a short-term policy or long term policy. The short term will usually cover your expenses for up to six months. And the long term will usually cover you up to retirement age in case your disability has not receded. Imagine taking the worry of paying bills out of your financial universe! Make sure you thoroughly check out your plan, so you’ll know specifically what you’re being offered. You don’t want any Galactic surprises!

Hurray! C3PO and R2D2 are beeping and spinning with joy, congratulating you on your new astronomical discovery. Now the “Choice” of disability insurance has awakened and is always with you!

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