Make Your Family a “Full House” of Financial Order

Financial lessons for every room in your house

full-house-tv-show-reboot-netflixIt’s 20 years later and Netflix has made it possible. Yes! They’re bringing back the hit 80s/90s TV show “Full House”, now entitled “Fuller House”. What about you? Maybe it’s time for you to do a “reboot” of your Financial House. Only this time “produce” a better version of the “old show” and don’t make it a ”situation comedy”. You’ll need to “direct your crew” to implement some serious changes.

While “DJ” was “Dancing with the Stars” and “Uncle Jesse” was getting “Grandfathered”, what were you doing with your Full House? Hopefully “Danny” wasn’t laughing at you on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Let’s be real. Maybe you didn’t become a huge fashion mogul like “Michelle”, but you managed to get some things right like establishing a savings account, 401(k), credit and kids who will soon be heading off to college.

You’ve got a fabulous “cast” and perfect “location,” but before you start “filming” your new show, let Achieve Financial Group send in our “team of writers” and give you a “new TV script.” These are our suggestions for each room of your house:

• Kids’ Rooms – Plan for college early, explore loan and grant opportunities and check out a 529 plan
• Bathroom cleanup – Regularly review your credit and pay off credit card debt-
• Master Bedroom – Write down short-term and long-term money goals. Create a will contribution. Start saving for retirement to accrue interest. Create an automatic savings transfer. Maximize 401(k)
• Kitchen Food Budget – Plan meals, use perishable food first, write a shopping list and use coupons
• Family Room – Protecting Life – Consider life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness

Alright, you’re ready for the premiere of your new show “Financial House”. It was as easy as “ABC”. “Everywhere you look” the fans and critics are giving you rave reviews. Why did you get such great ratings? Because you were able to get your Financial House in order and take advantage of opportunities that will give you and your family a better financial life. And with the help of your production team at Achieve Financial Group, we’re sure you’ll be “renewed for another season.”

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