“Leave it” to Student Accident Insurance to Keep Kids Covered at School and Home

beaverFind Out About Injury and Medical Coverage for Your Child as A School Athlete.

Let’s give three cheers to Wally Cleaver! Hurray! He just made the high school football team. Way to go! Hey, there hasn’t been this much excitement in Mayfield, since the Beav’ got stuck in the soup bowl up on the billboard. That little guy should really be careful. The same thing goes for Wally. He’s a bona fide athlete and he’s subject to sports related injuries. It could get serious. Right now he seems more concerned about who he should lend his letterman sweater to. Hopefully, he won’t give it to Mary Ellen Rogers. He may never get it back. Hey Wally, just steer clear of the malt shop and save yourself the grief. And especially, try to keep from getting clobbered on the football field!

Okay, so this Pine Street teen’s parents have given him their consent to become the ultimate jock. Well, we’re sure they’re more concerned about his safety than he is. In fact, they want to know how the school can ward off any accidents that may occur during a game, in the locker room, or on a bus trip to another venue. Of course, the school practices responsible safety measures, but there’s no guarantee that a child won’t ever be involved in an accident.

Don’t worry too much, June, At Achieve Financial Group, we can give you some pearls of wisdom. You can always get student accident insurance, just in case there’s a sports calamity involving your child. As exclusive agents for Monarch Management Student Accident Insurance, we offer coverage on students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Be a wise guy and protect your offspring no matter what. Here’s a list of the benefits:

 It can be used as secondary insurance to your child’s primary insurance.
 It can cover all full-time students enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade.
 It can become the primary insurance, if the student does not have primary coverage.
 It covers school related activities.
 It gives you access to a certified network of physicians that specialize in athletic related injuries.
 It can cover accidents at home, to and from school.
 It’s easy to file an online application or claim form at http://mmc-ins.com/
 Parents get to choose the level of coverage if the school chooses Monarch Management Corporation for Voluntary Coverage!

Ask for Monarch Management Insurance by name for Student accident insurance to protect your child. Even if he’s just horsing around on the field or on the way home, your child is covered! Now, you may not be able to replace Wally’s questionable friends or pick his date for the dance, but you can be swell Moms and Dads and make sure your child’s medical costs are covered in the case of a sports related accident. Call us today for more information!  http://ow.ly/OYFE300Ap3g

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