Know Your Prescription Drug Plan Even If You Don’t Know Yourself!

”What a major identity crisis!” Look, Dr. Jekyll, we get that you have an alter ego, but you take personality disorder to a whole new terrifying level, especially when you get confused about your prescription drug coverage. In fact, the word around the lab is that you lost it big time when you couldn’t figure out what was covered under your medical plan and your drug plan. Sorry buddy, all of your cool points just went out the window!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, don’t want to Hyde any insurance information from you, so we’re going to create a potion to help you avoid mistakes when paying for your drug prescriptions. It will include a plan to check your formularies, which list your highest tiers to your generics in the cheapest tiers, and it will also remind you to pay attention to your deductibles and co-pays. Now, shhh! The rest of the secret formula is below.

  1. Make sure your pharmacist is still in your network. Out-of-network pharmacies cost more.
  2. Refill any existing medications with the new plan before they run out.
  3. Understand that you’ll always have a deductible, so don’t postpone getting your necessary prescriptions filled.
  4. Utilize your pharmacy as a resource for insurance-related questions.

Okay Jekyll, science may not transform you back into your former self, but at least you’ll have a better attitude now that you know how get the most out of your drug prescription plan.  #AchieveMore in 2018

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