It Shouldn’t Take a Private Eye to Find Insurance for Critical Illness

It Shouldn’t Take a Private Eye to Find Insurance for Critical Illness:  How Critical Illness Insurance Helps You Afford the Expenses of Treatment and Recovery

What a heavenly case! The Townsend Agency has a new assignment for Sabrina, Kelly and Jill. Hey, they’re always all up for a new challenge, even if they have to perform in bell bottoms and butterfly collars. It’s the same routine, the girls wait patiently in their millionaire boss’s office until they finally hear “Hello Angels!” Yeah, that’s Charlie, their elusive millionaire employer. Yo, what’s up with this speakerphone jive? These private investigators want an opportunity to see him in person. Sorry ladies, you should know how your boss operates by now! But who cares. As long as his paychecks clear!

So, this is no ordinary mission. A few weeks back Jill’s sister Kris went undercover as a bronco rider, but her cover was blown. And after a few kicks and flips on some unsavory ranch hands, she had a slight heart attack. Now Kris is critically ill and her income has been compromised. She needs help finding insurance that will cover her recovery period. The agency’s medical plan is decent, but it doesn’t cover her living expenses or other related medical costs.

At Achieve Financial Group, the detectives have enlisted our expert assistance to find the best additional insurance for Kris. No offense, Bosley. We suggested critical illness insurance to cover bills and expenses that her medical insurance doesn’t cover. This would include travel costs associated with out-of-town treatment centers, co-pays and more. Critical illness insurance is primarily used for long term conditions like cancer, heart attacks and strokes. She can get a lump-sum payment of $1000 -$50,000 upon the first diagnosis of a critical illness and $500-$25,000 upon a second diagnosis. She can also get a wellness benefit for preventive services. And if she’s hospitalized, she can get up to $500 a day if she has an accident or is suffering from a non-critical illness.

These are some of the expenses she can use the cash payment for

 Medical treatments that are not covered by a current health plan.
 Rent or mortgage while recovering.
 Monthly bills like car payments or insurance premiums.
 The travel costs for treatments not available locally.
 Experimental treatments that aren’t covered by a current insurance provider
 The replacement of a spouse’s income while caring for the insured.

What a good deed! We’re glad that we were able to shed some light on the subject and those silhouettes that never change. Now, these gals may not be supernatural or have halos, but they have found a way to spread their wings and fly with another insurance option like critical illness insurance. So, while their fighting injustice and trying to catch a glimpse of the rich Mr. Townsend, they’ll have coverage for those rare times that the evil bad guys get the best of them.

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