Catastrophic Student Athletic Coverage Pays out BIGTIME!

Don’t rob your district to pay for sports injuries… Protect your school with Student Athletic and Catastrophic Insurance

“Hey Robin, are you back in the ‘Hood?” We heard that Little John is pretty peeved that instead of going on your usual heists, you decided to join the school archery team. Well, can you blame him? You two have been tight since way back in the Middle Ages and now you have a concussion, which has resulted in a permanent sports injury. Gosh, it’s just a whole medieval mess! Good thing King Richard bought catastrophic insurance.  It pays out BIGTIME!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going on a crusade to help make you Merry Men. Once we’re in Nottingham, we’re going to aim our bow and arrow at the problem and help you avoid any more athletic catastrophes. First, you’ll need to make sure that the school has qualified trained coaches and staff who can:

  • Recognize symptoms of concussions and other injuries when they happen.
  • Do regular checks with staff to insure they’re up-to-date with training methods.
  • Research player safety protocols and history on player safety.
  • Complete Claims for Student Athletic Insurance and Catastrophic Coverage.

So, Robin, you may be known as the prince of thieves, but you’ll be a true noble man if you protect yourself on the field. Now, the next time you take a tumble, grab a qualified athletic coach and your athletic insurance policy. That way you won’t rob yourself of sports safety and compensation if you ever get injured again. #MonarchCares #AchieveMore

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