How You Can Enjoy a “Wave” Of Advantages with a Fixed Annuity? 

How You Can Enjoy a “Wave” Of Advantages with a Fixed Annuity? Why You Should Get a Fixed Annuity and What Benefits Come Along with It

Okay, there may be a lot of fish in the sea, but Ariel, the charming red-headed girl from Atlantica wants to be up there where the people are and get an annuity just like her royal crush Prince Eric. Well, thank goodness she has gadgets and gizmos a plenty to sell on her sea-commerce website. Now she has some working capital and she can create a fixed income for herself by purchasing an annuity. Uh-oh. It’s not that simple for this Little Mermaid. In order for her to get her fins on one, she’ll have to become a human. Looks like she’ll be taking a swim over to Ursula, the sea witch for help. Ugh! Ursula is an aquatic thug and her contracts are bogus!

Yoo-hoo! This is an easy catch for Ursula. Ariel is determined to get an annuity, so she signs on the dotted line to become a bonafide person. And it won’t cost her much…just her voice! Her crusty companion, Sebastian is devastated, but he doesn’t have to be so crabby. This may be a good deal for Ariel. She just has to remember that there’s no way to backstroke out of it. In exchange for her vocals, she’ll get two legs to go to the insurance agency of her choice to buy her fixed annuity with her hard-earned mer-money. What a splash of benefits! She’ll receive a guaranteed rate of interest and she’ll have the choice of deferring the annuity until a later date or making it immediate.

So, Ariel has decided to take the plunge and visit us at Achieve Financial Group where we don’t flounder when it comes to helping you maximize your income. We can give this princess a waterfall of reasons why she’s made a great choice to become human and buy a fixed annuity.

  • It pays out guaranteed rates of interest.
  • It can be deferred or immediate.
  • Immediate fixed annuity payments are determined by your age and size of your annuity.
  • Payouts are convenient and predictable.
  • It allows for low investment minimum – usually $1000 – $10,000.
  • The interest paid escapes taxation, until you pull the money out.


This is Sea-sational! Buying a fixed annuity gives Ariel the power to get fixed payments, her voice back and Prince Eric. How? Well, he really admires a girl who can handle her finances. Now, there’s no need to call on King Triton to save her. So take that Ursula! You lose! Ariel is no longer a poor unfortunate soul. She has her voice, her prince and her annuity. Now she can have some added financial security, when she’s not under the sea!

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