The Important Role for Parents and the Best Steps to Take with Their Children

“Jumpin’ Jiminy!Pinocchio has become an athlete! Ever since he got his ‘real boy‘ status, he’s been down to do what his other homeboys do, like go to high school and join a sports team. Now he’s playing baseball and catching a cricket game on the side. Why not? His father can always hook him up and carve the wooden bats. But, Pinocchio isn’t stopping there. He’s been dropping hints that he might want to go on to college. He even thinks that his pops may be able to pull some strings and get him in.

Come on, Pinocchio, it’s not that simple. As a parent, Geppetto can help you through some practical methods. Yeah, we know he can be a little controlling. And didn’t you say that there are times that he treats you like a puppet? We, at Achieve Financial Group, decided to summon the Blue Fairy and get this message to your dad ourselves. She’s good at keeping you in line and getting things done, so don’t let this whole thing splinter your relationship.

•  Recognize his/her attributes in sports and in the classroom, then encourage them to focus on both.
•  Make athletic achievements just as important as academic achievements.
•  Help him/her develop an identity that associates with their work as a student, as well as an athlete.
•  Emphasize the importance of staying organized with their school tools and a to-do list.
•  Teach them when to say “yes” and when to say “no”, so they don’t overextend themself.
•  Encourage them to work equally as hard as a student as they do as an athlete.
•  Help them develop healthy habits like getting sleep, eating nutritiously and staying physically and mentally healthy.
•  Consider online recruitment sites and create a student athlete profile (i.e. BeRecruited)
•  Get them to make the most of NCAA resources by adhering to the eligibility requirements and the application process.

Pinocchio, we believe that you really want to go to college. Shucks, it’s as plain as the nose on your face. So, you don’t have to wish upon a star. Now you and your parent have some tips to give you a better chance of getting into the college of your choice. #MonarchCares #AchieveMore

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