How Do We “Terminate” a Global Growth Recession in the Future?

Terminate RecessionThe year is 2016 and the world is at risk of a global growth recession. It’s like a “T-800 cyborg” from the “financial future” has “time traveled” from the year 2020 to solidify the “mass destruction” of the global economy. It may sound like “science fiction”, but the global economy really is in danger. And this time it’s not just “John Connor” who is being pursued, it’s the whole world economy. But what needs to happen? There should be a mission to lead the “Recession Resistance” in the coming years. Okay, we’ve suffered recessions in the past and crept back, but this one could be on the “Skynet” level. Boy, the recession wasn’t kidding when it said “I’ll be back.”

So it feels like we’re fighting some big leather clad dude from a  “post-apocalyptic” financial crisis. How do we defeat him? He seems “unstoppable”. Um, wait a minute…”Hey Ah-nold! Are you the good guy or the bad guy in this flick?” It doesn’t matter. There are present conditions in the economy that are damaging global growth, so of course, we could be heading into a global growth recession. Sorry, “Mr. Schwarzenegger”, you may be programmed with “artificial intelligence”, but we already know what the future holds, if our economic problems are not addressed.

At Achieve Financial Group, we’d like to highlight the problems that are slowing global growth. First let’s look at the U.S. Economy. There are significant sources that are damaging global growth conditions.

  • * Deteriorating financial conditions globally
  • * Weaker demand from the U.S.
  • * Weakening consumer and business markets


We can’t stop there. There’s also the global issue.

  • * The possibility that the British will exit for the EU
  • * A slowing Chinese economy
  • * The excessive levels of debt of many countries
  • * An ongoing and geopolitical uncertainty

The “human race” can now understand what could be slowing down global growth. So it’s going to take some fighting back. What about the banks? Can’t they help? The banks may see the current conditions as weakness and refrain from stepping up and lending a hand. Why? They’ll assume a recession is unavoidable.

Realistically, it’s going to take some time, but we’re going to have to crush these conditions in a “financial hydraulic press” and shutdown the threat, so we’ll be able to tell a global growth recession “Hasta la vista, baby!”

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