How Can the Man of Steel Rollover His 401(k) and Make it Fly?

Rolling over a 401(k) into an annuity may be the best deal for your future

man-of-steelEXTRA EXTRA read all about it!  It’s hot off the press. The Daily Planet has announced that Clark Kent is transferring to a new publication called The Weekly Asteroid. What an opportunity! Now he can cover world events, instead of just the local Metropolis news. Hey, it’s not a bad gig. At least, it’ll pay the bills. Besides, his unofficial job as Superman is not a salaried position, so he has to rely on an income from his newspaper reporting career. But what about his 401(k) plan? For years he’s been saving, investing and protecting his income from taxes, just in case he one day decides to retire his red cape and settle down with Lois. Look, everybody knows she’s ready for him to put a ring on it!

He may want to consider moving his 401(k) savings to a new retirement plan and roll it into an annuity. That way he’ll have more flexibility, protect his income, and keep a tax shelter. It’s one of the best solutions, especially when there’s a financial Lex Luthor trying to convince him to compromise his savings and take a payout. That would be like Kryptonite to his nest egg. He’d suffer a huge penalty and lose part of his principal. Who can swoop down and rescue this account?

Look, up in the financial sky! It’s Achieve Financial Group, and we’re here to save the day! We’d like to list some advantages of rolling a 401(k) into an annuity.  It should make your decision bullet proof.

  1. Guaranteed Principal:  Safeguard against losing your principal when you rollover your 401(k) into an annuity.
  2. Flexibility:  When you roll your 401(k) plan into a variable annuity, you have the option to change your investments based on investment trends and your personal preference.
  3. Income Protection:  By rolling your 401(k) into variable annuities, the insurance company is obligated to send you a check for as long as you live.
  4.  Death Benefit Protection:  For an additional fee, a beneficiary can receive payments from an annuity when the policyholder is deceased.

Be a superhero for your family and your future. That ‘S’ on your chest stands for stability and that’s what you want for your 401(k) account. You may not have x-ray vision to see what’s ahead in your career, but you can definitely prepare yourself for what may happen with your finances and protect the ones you love. So think about rolling your 401(k) into an annuity. It’s a deal that’s out of this world!

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