Texas Schools Can Acquire Insurance for Students, Athletes, and Career & Technology programs

“ALVINNN!” Are you goofing around on stage? Look, we understand that it’s just a school talent show, but be glad you got a gig and check your rock star ego at the door. And as a bonus, because your school adheres to the requirements of House Bill 639, you get extra protection in case you or one of your chipmunk brothers trips over a speaker cord or flip flops into the audience. In fact, under HB 639, the school can insure kids and C&TE (Career and Technology) kids for accidents, liability, and automobile insurance coverage. Isn’t that totally rad!?

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to rent an old Cadillac Seville and drive down to the show, so we can tell your dad, Dave, more about House Bill 639. He’ll be happy to know that you, Simon and Theodore will have adequate coverage through your school. So, put on your baseball cap and give a slammin’ performance, while we highlight important points of House Bill 639 to your Pops:

  1. Allows schools to acquire coverage for accident, liability or automobile insurance to protect school students.
  2. Requires schools to get insurance from a reliable insurer who is authorized to do business with the district.
  3. Requires the amount of coverage a district or school obtains to be reasonable considering the financial condition of the district or school.
  4. Requires schools to notify the parent or guardian of each student who is insured by the school for accident liability or automobile insurance.
  5. Prohibits a district or school from directly or indirectly charging a student or the student’s parent or guardian for the cost of providing the student insurance under this section.
  6. Requires schools to obtain a specific amount of coverage.

In summary, HB 639 allows school boards to obtain accident, liability, or car insurance to protect businesses that partner with schools to provide a CTE program and students participating in such programs. Students or parents cannot be charged for the insurance coverage.  Wow! That was worth a standing ovation! Alvin, you’re really a chip off the old block, and so is House Bill 639.

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