Why Some People Aren’t Saving As Much As They Should

“What a Jolly Jam!” Hey you, way up there! We’re talking to YOU, Jolly Green Giant.  All of these years, you’ve been the poster boy for frozen foods. So, why are you still in the red! In other words, what happened to all of that green you were supposed to be saving? Come on, man; we thought you were on your Peas and Qs.

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to ride out to the farm to help our tall friend prioritize and get into the black. But, we need to show him why his problems sprouted in the first place. He shouldn’t feel so bad, though. Most people have enormous issues with saving money just like him.

  1. One in four of the highest-income households either have no emergency savings or just enough to cover fewer than three month’s expenses.
  2. 30% of younger boomers, those aged 54 to 63, have no emergency savings-more than any other generation.
  3. No Savings – Although many people have steady employment, saving their income is not a priority.

Ho Ho Ho, our Big Buddy is happy again. He and his cash are like two peas in a pod. He’s learning how to save his money and grow it fast from all of the new commercials he just booked. Now, he can have more financial security and be a jollier human bean#AchieveMore

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