Having Good Credit After Retirement is Nothing to Play with

Having Good Credit After Retirement is Nothing to Play with:  Why Keeping Good Credit is Important to Have After Retirement

Oh boy, it’s game night! The Parker Brothers found out about your retirement and your additional free time, so they’ve invited you and a fellow named Hasbro over for a little fun. They’ve been retired for decades and they supposedly want to share some fundamentals with you about how important credit is after you retire. Really? Well, you’ve heard on the boardwalk that they might only be interested in getting you to rent some properties they’ve just purchased. So maybe they just want to collect $200 from you every month. Ah, look at it this way, at least you get free parking.

You feel confident about your finances, since you haven’t had trouble paying the utility bills from the electric company. So why do these dudes want to talk to you about credit? You see, they wear many hats and they have a pretty good reputation with money and business. In fact, they even contributed to the community chest when they were a lot younger. Unfortunately, you just can’t trust two opponents who are trying to beat you in a financial competition, so you get in your car and GO.

Well, how about taking a chance and rolling the dice with us? At Achieve Financial Group, we always play by the rules. If you’re willing to take some trusted advice on why good credit is important to have after you retire, let us give you a few reasons:

  • You Want to Provide Financial Assistance for Your Children or Grandchildren:  College tuition is really steep these days, so you may want to start a fund to help them with the expenses involved in a higher education. They may want to buy a house and need a co-signer for a loan. With good credit, you’ll be able to help them.
  • You Decide to Downsize:  Having good credit will help you get a low mortgage interest rate, if you want to buy a smaller place.
  • You Consider Living in a Nursing Home: To be eligible for some assisted living facilities, your credit report and score may be a determining factor.
  • You Can Acquire the Best Credit Cards: Great credit will help you to qualify for top credit cards. Make sure you keep the cards with the highest limits and get rid of the ones with the lowest limits.

It looks like you’re going to win after all. And you can keep your cash tucked away safely in the bank. You have nothing to lose. Now, there’s no need to turn on the water works. Go ahead, make your move and better your credit.

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