Having an HSA or FSA Can Give You A “Treasure Chest” Of Savings

Setting aside funds can help you afford high deductible health insurance


Your healthcare is finally covered, but it’s High Deductible Health insurance, which is like a “skull and crossbones” waving on the “black flag” of a “medical pirate ship”. Why does it feel like a swashbuckler pulls his sword on you every time you have an ailment or injury? And why is he demanding your “riches” for each claim? Well “Shiver me Timbers!” You thought health insurance was supposed to be an economical solution for your healthcare needs. Sure it is, but you shouldn’t have to “walk the plank” every time you need to use it. ARGH!

Ahoy Matey! You don’t have to be a witty pirate to find a “chest full of healthcare gold”. All you need is the “map”. Achieve Financial Group has the “scroll” and we’ll show you how to easily get to your medical insurance treasure.

It may not actually be a trunk full of shiny coins and jewels, but it’s something more valuable. Getting a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can help you pay those high deductibles required with your healthcare plan. The money that you put into these accounts is not subject to income tax and is set aside just for your healthcare costs. So kick up your boots and read the advantages of having an HSA or FSA:

– HSA Funds that aren’t spent roll over to the next year. FSAs do not roll over.
– Account funds aren’t subject to income tax when deposited – a PRE-TAX benefit
– HSAs and FSAs are owned by the individual
– HSA and FSA funds can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses without federal tax liability or penalty

Want to learn more?  Read more about the Difference between a HSA and FSA:

Okay, maybe you’re no Captain Jack Sparrow, but at least you have the location of your “golden opportunity” and you know where to “dig”. You’ll easily acquire Health Wealth, so you can have a “Jolly Roger” good life. What a find! Your treasure is not buried somewhere deep in the “Caribbean”. It’s right here at Achieve Financial Group.

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