Getting the Benefits from Medicare When You’re Not Eligible Yet:  How The TRS-Care Plan Helps You Enjoy Some Of the Benefits of Medicare

Hey Trekkies! So, you’re not exactly on the final frontier when it comes to health insurance. But you want a better plan. Actually, you’ve got your eye on Medicare. Unfortunately, you’re not attached to any starfleet health crews and definitely not any that qualify for medicare. In fact, your eligibility seems galaxies away. You’re just a part of the next generation of insured people who may not reach the age requirements for Medicare. So, don’t go all Wrath of Khan on your insurance carrier. There’s a solution.

What if you could get a similar plan, although you’re not able to sign up for Medicare yet? Boy, that sounds like an alien concept. Well, why not be open to a new healthcare mission and explore strange new insurance options? Don’t worry, you won’t need to Search for Spock, battle a Klingon or wait until the 23rd century. But, you should be ready to boldly go where you’ve never gone before.

At Achieve Financial Group, our enterprise can take you to a new civilization where you can get many of the benefits of Medicare through the TRS-Care plan. It’s a self-funded plan that provides coverage and let’s you enjoy some of the benefits you would receive from Medicare.

You may not be able to get an appointment with Dr. McCoy, but you can use an in-network physician and have less out-of-pocket costs and copays, depending on the plan you’re enrolled in with your TRS-Care plan. You’ll also be able to get wellness benefits and discounts on eyewear, fitness and more.

This is what a typical TRS-Care Plan looks like. There are 3 plans to choose from with the major difference being the cost of the deductible:

 With your deductible you’ll get medical and prescription drug expenses.
 You’ll get in-and-out-of-network benefits
 By using in-network providers, you’ll lower your out-of-pocket expenses
 You don’t have to pay a premium for retiree-only coverage.
 With a premium you can get coverage for a dependent spouse and/or children.

Thanks for letting us be your own personal Captain Kirk on this voyage. We hope you see it as a stellar alternative to the Medicare plan. Look, you’re not an android or cyborg. You’re a human being and you need healthcare at costs that won’t send your wallet into deep space nine. If you’re ready to be teleported to quality healthcare and perks you can afford, try the TRS-Care plan.

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