Benefits That You Can Get With Your Life Insurance Policy Prior to Death

Hey Casper, did you just get ghosted? It looks like you tried to get some info on life insurance and not a single soul will hit you back. Of course not, they can see right through you. Look, we’re not being mean-spirited, but man, you need to stop boo-hooing and face facts. You’ve got to be alive to get life insurance!

Okay, you’re the friendliest ghost we know, so we’re pretty sure that you’re just trying to help your friends use their life insurance policies while they’re living and breathing. But, you should be a little more transparent, shed your fears and be upfront about what you want.
At Achieve Financial Group, we’d like to invite you to float on down to our offices, so we can tell you some ways that your friends can use life insurance while they’re still alive and kickin’:

  • Tap into its cash value – Permanent life insurance allows the policyholder to build cash value over time. You can take a loan that does not require a set payment schedule or withdraw money or cancel the policy and get the cash that has built up.
  • Apply for living benefits – These types of benefits allow the policyholder to receive a payment in advance if you need money for chronic illness, terminal illness or long term care.
  • Sell the policy – If the policyholder wants access to the money from their life insurance policy prior to their death, they can sell their policy to an investor on the secondary market and get a lump sum or an annuity that offers regular periodic payments.

So, now your friends don’t have to be so scared of those frightful monthly premiums. They can actually get some personal benefits from life insurance during their lifetime. Here’s your chance Casper: just be supernatural and casually tell them about the advantages they can get from their life insurance policies. Isn’t that Ghoul News!   #AchieveMore

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