Get Ready to Fight for the Best Family Plan During Open Enrollment

It’s time to play Financial Feud! It’s open enrollment time and you’re facing off against health insurance premiums and the best plan for you.  Whoa! The High Cost family looks like they’re ready to rumble and win this game, so they can get fast money. Oh, boy! How in the world did you let your finances talk you into coming on this show! Now you’re stuck clapping, jumping up and down and high-fiving a second cousin, who’s only here because you ran out of available relatives. Oh lighten up, this is great health insurance you’re competing for, so just slap on a fake smile and yell Good Answer! No matter how ridiculous his response is.

Okay, here we go. Top six answers on the board. We surveyed 100 people and asked, when picking out health insurance, what should you consider before signing up? Hurry up and hit the buzzer dude, even if you don’t know the answer. Remember, things could get ugly in the parking lot if you lose, and when you’re asked if you want to pass or play, you’d better say you want to play!

Alright, you have 2 strikes. If you don’t get the most popular answer, The High Cost family can steal your best option and win the game. We, at Achieve Financial Group, have a few bonus tips that will help you decide on the plan that best fits your budget and your healthcare needs:

Evaluate Your Finances – Assess how much money you spend each month on medical coverage and how many doctor appointments you’ve had over the past year. If you haven’t had several, you may to want consider a higher deductible to keep your monthly premiums low, but it will raise your co-payments. If you have a pre-existing condition that will require you to have regular doctor treatments, you may want to consider a lower deductible for low co-payments per doctor visit.

Count Your Out-of-Pocket Limits. If your out-of-pocket expenses exceed your budget for co-pays, you may want to contribute to a health savings account (HSA). You can put money into this account, which is tax deductible, and specifically use the funds for healthcare costs. You also may be eligible for financial assistance from your employer, who can contribute to your health savings account. If your doctors are in-network, this will also save on monthly costs.

Review Your Plan – You may be automatically enrolled for the following year, so check your plan to make sure there won’t be any changes.

Thanks for tuning in. So, if you want to compare some individual and family insurance plans, just check out our easy to use, self-serve site at to see if you can win bunches of money back in your pocket!  #AchieveMore

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