Get out of the “Stone Age” and Get Enough Life Insurance

How to make sure you have enough life insurance to take care of your family when you’re gone. Flintstones_Family_Image-2

Wow! Look at you! You feel great. You’ve wiped the “slate” clean and you’re staying healthy. No more hitting “rock” bottom for you. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still need a proper life insurance policy. Where would your family be, if you had some unfortunate accident at the “construction company” you work for? Do you have enough coverage to cover your loved ones expenses, should you get crushed? Why, just the other day the “crane operator, Fred”, dropped a “boulder” a little too close to you in the “quarry”. You threw a few “pebbles” at him to catch his attention, but he was too busy texting his friend, “Barney” to notice. What a “rockhead”! Sometimes he acts just like a “caveman”!

You heard down at the “lodge”, where the “Waterbuffaloes” meet and at the “bowling alley” that “ole’ twinkle toes” has quite a bit of life insurance to take care of his family. If anything happens to him, they’ll be taken care of for “centuries”. Never in a “million years” would you have thought that this “loud mouth” would have such a fantastic policy, just in case he bites the dust one day a little sooner than the rest of his family. You shouldn’t be surprised. Have you seen the way he eats on his lunch break? His wife, Wilma, always packs him a “Pterodactyl egg”, he regularly rolls up to the “RockDonald’s” drive thru for a “brontosaurus burger” and he always has “rock candy” for his sweet “sabertooth” fix.

At Achieve Financial Group, we understand that this “not-so- modern” day man may have some “prehistoric” views on his diet and his car may be a bit of a “dinosaur”, but he has made some great contemporary decisions on deciding on how much life insurance he needs. This is how he has determined what will be the right fit for his family.

He looked at his debt, how much he spends / saves monthly and his long-term savings goals. In addition, he factored in his expected funeral and estate settling costs. He also estimated the inflation rate and after-tax investment yield. So just do what Fred did:

  • Get coverage equal to 10 times your annual income, if you can afford the premiums.
  • Buy enough insurance to keep financial obligations from causing a hardship to your family
  • Be able to cover mortgage, car leases and other bills
  • Find out if your spouse and children are eligible for Social Security Survivor Benefits
  • Consider that your retirement and other savings accounts could be included in the coverage
  • Get an adviser that will help you decide how much life insurance you need

We hope this helps with your decision. Give it some thought and stop at the local “Starrocks” for a caramel “mammoth” latte. You’ll probably run into Fred’s wife and her best friend, “Betty”, in their new “tiger skin” dresses. They can give you even more information they may have gotten off of “facerock” and “instagranite”. Make no “bones” about it. You need to get enough life insurance coverage to give your family security, so you should “Yabba Dabba Do” it today!

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