Finding time for Fitness can be a “Rocky” Road for Employees

Sylvester_Stallone_in_RockyIt’s early in the year and your employees have the “Eye of the Tiger” for staying in shape. But fitting exercise into the work schedule keeps getting “knocked out” by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be enough time to “punch” it in. Your employees are “fighters” and they want to “win the match” between work time and a good workout. There’s got to be a way to promote productivity and give your employers the option to get fit on the job site, even if you have to go “12 rounds” to do it. Yo Adrian! You can’t “throw in the towel”. “Get in the ring” and give doubt an “uppercut”.

There are some employees who are “sparring” with the unconventional idea of exercising at work. You need to let your employees know that you’re “in their corner” and that you won’t throw a “left hook” at their attempts to burn some calories at work. You’re willing to put the “gloves” on and offer a program that will allow them the time and opportunity to exercise without any penalty.

Let Achieve Financial Group be your “training coach”. We’ve “boxed” around some tips on how to fit fitness into your employee’s work regimen:

  Make employees aware that fitness is a priority in the workplace
  Make several fitness choices available
  Offer increased hours for fitness
  Encourage a walking program so employees can count daily steps
  Make employees aware of any walking trails in the area
  Support workouts at the desk or work area
  Offer a virtual fitness alternative for employees who would rather workout offsite
  Offer employees fitness and health tips

Remember, you’re not “down for the count”. You’ve got a great set of ideas to give you a fitness system that will rival most work places. So put on your “gray hooded sweatshirt” and help your employees get fit! At Achieve Financial Group, we’ll help you become a “Champion!”

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