Experience The “Magic” of On-Demand Healthcare. Your Healthcare Wishes are Just a Click Away.

Aladdin-aladdin-16708450-958-602First it’s a sneeze, then a cough. What’s going on? Your nemesis, “Jafar”, must be up to his old tricks again. He knows you don’t have time to get on your “magic carpet and ride” down to your doctor’s office, let alone get an appointment at such short notice. Okay, it’s not an emergency, but in your fantasies you’re able to summon some mythical M.D. to visit you right at your office or home to analyze your ailment and give you the best advisement of treatment. Yeah, right! In your “dreams”!

After buying tickets to “Aladdin” on Broadway, you “rub” the mouse pad more times than usual. Suddenly, an ethereal smoke mist is unleashed into the atmosphere and a “Medical Genie” appears. His name is Teladoc Inc and he’s here to grant you three medical wishes.

Teladoc can give you on-demand healthcare wishes anytime. All you need is a mobile device, internet connection, secure video and a phone. You’ll have access to licensed physicians and behavioral professionals who handle a myriad of non-emergency conditions in a “snap”. In fact, it only takes about 8 minutes for a response. Now it’s time for your three wishes.

1. The ability to contact a doctor anytime right from your home or office and get a response in 8 minutes

2. Talk to the doctor from wherever you are and have your condition diagnosed via phone or online

3. Resolve the issue right over the phone or mobile device and pay after.

Wishes Granted! At Achieve Financial Group, we offer Teladoc so you or your business can have

  • A connection to over 2,650 licensed, certified healthcare professionals
  • Lower health care costs
  • Increased productivity, since employees don’t have to leave for doctor appointments
  • Low risk healthcare services
  • Scalability to add more clients

To get more detailed information about Teladoc Inc and how it works visit http://www.teladoc.com Now you can get healthcare assistance in a “blink” with Teladoc. And as for that archaic “bottle” you always hoped to find on the beach, you can leave that for Major Nelson. You’ve got your own “genie” now with Achieve Financial Group and Teladoc “where your healthcare wishes are our command.”

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