Employers could increase Voluntary Enrollment if they “channel” the employee’s needs

tvCable TV is amazing! There are so many networks with entertaining content out there in “TV Land”. Just point the remote and click to find the program you want to watch. You’ll eventually make a “discovery”. If only health insurance could be that easy for employees, perhaps voluntary enrollment would increase. Hey, you never know, the results might be like “TNT”.


Employers in the “USA” have a “history” of offering general packages from outside carriers’ one size fits all approach. Some employees are not sure if the packages are conducive to their “OWN” needs or the needs of their “family”. The presentation should be designed to inform the employee how the package accommodates their individual needs. Look, they just want a little “TLC” when it comes to getting information on insurance products. That seems fair.
“We” at Achieve Financial Group, know that employers need to “create” options that make it possible for employees to get a “preview” of what can be expected with each benefits package. Employees don’t like being put in a “DIY” position, where they have to do the research on the product to see if it’s a good fit for them. They want information on how much insurance they’re getting for the “lifetime” of the package and if it’s enough insurance for them. They also want the enrollment process to be seamless.

Here are some suggestions on how employers can make their employees feel like “starz”, so they’ll sign up for a great package:

– The presentation of the product should focus on the employee’s needs
– There should be a thorough explanation of the product
– The employee should be shown the proper type of product available
– The employee should know if there is an appropriate amount of insurance available
– The employee should be provided with helpful and up-to-date technology
– The enrollment process should be easy

It’s “showtime”, the moment of truth. Employers should make sure that the information about the product is accurate and simple. This way they don’t have to do an “encore” presentation.

“Bravo!” Employers know what could encourage employees to voluntarily apply for their insurance products.  Once they make some recommended changes, hopefully they’ll see a “spike” in enrollment.

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