What Type of Benefits Small Companies Offer Their Employees

 Old McDonald had a job. E-I-E-I-O.” That’s right. This farmer has parked his plow and got a new gig at a small a’cow’nting firm in the city. Yup, he traded his overalls in for a shirt and tie. Who can blame him? The chicks were too needy, the vet was a quack and there was just too much horsing around. Good for him; it looks like he picked a better work field, because on this job he had some benefits.
At first, he was a little corncerned. He was working for a small business, and he wasn’t sure they could offer him a decent employee benefits package. He needed to milk it for all he could.
We, at Achieve Financial Group decided to jump on our tractor and ride down to the firm to let him  know what comes with the offer:

  • Health Insurance – Small businesses can usually choose between a traditional health insurance plan or a managed care plan. Traditional plans have high premiums, but employees have access to more doctors and hospitals. Managed care plans have a lower premium, but they have a limited number of doctors that are available to them.
  • Retirement – Many small businesses offer defined contribution plans like 401(k) so employees can contribute a percentage of their own pre-taxed money each pay cycle towards their retirement. They’re also able to invest their money into a huge selection of mutual funds.
  • Dental Insurance – Some companies offer dental plans with full coverage or partial coverage where the employee is required to share the cost.
  • Paid Vacation and Holidays – Some small companies try to stay competitive and offer paid vacation and holidays, which makes the job more attractive to employees.
  • Gym Membership – Companies can often get discount rates for their employees at participating gyms. Employees can stay healthy and the companies can get lower group health insurance rates.

What a pheasant surprise Mr. McDonald! As an employee, you got a barn-a-fide great deal. You must feel like the cream of the crop, now that you great benefits you feel moo-velous!  E-I-E-I-O.

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