Don’t Wait for a Skyfall, Get An Annuity For Your Retirement!

Don’t Wait for a Skyfall,  Get An Annuity For Your Retirement:  Indexed Annuities are Perfect For Your Retirement

There he is, the wealthy secret super spy, James Bond. He just zoomed by in his Aston Martin and a custom suit. Wow! He really likes to live and let drive! Let’s see what else he’s up to. First and foremost, how does he always manage to stay so flush with cash? Sure, he obviously saves his money pennies, but let’s keep it real, this dude’s wallet runs deep. It’s like he has some kind of goldfinger. Well, how else can you explain his continued ability to fund his adventurous excursions at any given moment in time? Maybe, if you could get a glimpse of one of his paychecks from M16, you’d understand why he’s so financially secure. Uh-uh, you’d better nix that idea. That’s for his eyes only.

Achieve Financial Group caught up with Bond at the Casino Royale sipping on his signature martini. He’d just finished playing blackjack with a couple of international villains, so we took our chance to question him about his financial fluidity. He explained that one day he’ll be retiring his tuxedo, so he decided to get an annuity, but not just any annuity, an indexed annuity. This is an insurance product that works like an annuity, but it allows him principal and growth guarantee.

Now just in case this scares the living daylights out of you, an indexed annuity is tied to a stock market index, so even if you don’t profit off of the stock investment, you won’t lose the initial amount of the principal. This type of annuity protects you against that. We understand that you might still be a little shaken, but you don’t have to be stirred. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing an indexed annuity that might put you at ease:

  1. The principal is guaranteed with potential growth tied to a major stock market index
  2. The worse that can happen is that you’ll get your money back and possibly earn a profit
  3. Principal growth is tax-deferred like a regular annuity

If you never thought you could find an annuity that worked so well for your financial future, never say never again. Take a ‘Q’ from Achieve Financial Group and get an indexed annuity. When the world is not enough, you’ll have a solid and secure investment that can keep growing. Just remember, Bond may be a double-O-seven, but you’ll be a safe investor and enjoy double-O-SAVINGS!

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