Don’t Let Expensive Healthcare Rob you! Consider Medical Cost Sharing Programs

How These Programs Can Be a Great Alternative for Traditional Health Insurance  

Hey somebody stop Danny Ocean! He’s upset about the high cost of his medical insurance, so he’s planning a healthcare heist! Look, he feels ripped off every time he gets a medical bill. That’s why he’s going back to his life of crime. In fact, he just got 11 texts with a ‘thumbs up’ emoji. Do the math people. This caper is goin’ down!  Either call security or convince him to try medical cost sharing.

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to replace Mr. Ocean’s shady crew and get him to take a gamble on medical cost sharing. It’s a faith-based program where like minded individuals help each other pay their medical expenses. This might seem alarming to him. How about we let him in our vault to see how valuable medical cost sharing is.

  • There are no network requirements, as a PPO,  you can go to any doctor you would like.
  • You use a membership card like you would use an insurance card, which is processed the same.
  • Every member pays a share amount and for their own expenses.
  • Because they’re faith-based ministries, members have to follow lifestyle guidelines like avoiding smoking, maintaining healthy lifestyles and disclosing certain pre-existing health conditions.
  • Families can join a program and receive comprehensive options that require less than the maximum $500 payment each month.

This is explosive! Danny Ocean is no longer claiming highway robbery when it concerns his medical insurance. He has a new gang who will help him get money for his medical bills. Now he can go legit and break into a new way of handling healthcare costs. Christian Care Ministry is there for you!

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