Don’t get “Sleighed” with Taxes – Save money with these tax saving strategies for the New Year!

SANTA-IN-SLEIGHHo!Ho! Ho! It’s Jingle bell time, and you’re hoping that Santa received all of your email and text requests to save money in 2016. Relax. You’ve been making a list, you’ve been checking it twice, you just want to find out what the best tax saving strategies for the new year are. That’s not too much to ask.

Hey, you’ve been working harder than a third shift elf on Christmas Eve and high costs are nipping at your nose. It’s time to start saving some money and get recompensed for your expenditures this past year. Come on, shake the snow off, slide underneath the mistletoe and kiss your worries good bye. Your gift is on an express sleigh from Achieve Financial Group.

Finally, it has arrived. You peel the silver paper back, flip the box lid off and behold what’s inside. Your eyes are all aglow as you feast your eyes on a decorative parchment that lists tax saving strategies, just what you asked for. You get comfortable and read through.

1. Feeling charitable? Make some contributions to qualified charities for great deductions later
2. Maximum Retirement. Max out your retirement accounts by contributing as much as possible
3. Make the Switch. Consider a Roth IRA. Money withdrawn after retirement will be tax free.
4. Go Green. Homeowners who use alternative energy equipment can get a tax credit.
5. Baby on Board. Had a baby or adopted a child? You may qualify for a $1000 child credit.
6. Being smart with education. Use savings bonds to pay for college.
7. The Cost of Working. Deduct work related expenses like supplies, moving, gas etc,

There you have it – the gift you were waiting for. So you better not pout, you better not cry. Achieve Financial Group is telling you why. You’re going to save a lot this upcoming tax season. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

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