Don’t Get “Shipwrecked” when it comes to Group Healthcare

Complying with the Affordable Care Act and Getting the Best Group Health Benefits

gilligans-islandWhen sailing on the high seas of providing affordable healthcare, employers can be hit with some rogue waves, tossed around and thrown off course. If they don’t comply with the new rules and regulations required by the Affordable Care Act, they can be splashed with some tough rate increases or lack full coverage for their group benefits. Some employers feel like they’ve been washed ashore some deserted island, never to be rescued. S.O.S.! But who’s going to help them? Mary Ann and Ginger? Gosh no! Mayday Mayday! Achieve Financial Group is on the way!
Employers will need to be the “skipper” of a new healthcare ocean liner. First of all, it will take a scholarly “professor” to figure out all of the ACA compliance rules. There are a plethora of regulations, exemptions and changes to understand like mental health, wellness programs, preventive services, extension of coverage for adult children, early retirement, automatic enrollment etc. Check this site for Affordable Care Act regulations

The castaways aren’t out of the water yet. For employers who want to offer full benefits and coverage to their passengers and crew, here are issues that employers should be concerned with. “So just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a group health plan”:

Employers can offer full coverage to their employees if:
– They have 50 employees or more
– Renew their plan, but with a 50% rate increase
– “Grandfather” their plan and renew plan prior to 2010 without total ACA compliance
– “Grandmother” their plan and renew plan prior to 2013 without total ACA compliance

No employer wants to drown in rate increases. It will take a movie star or a millionaire and his wife to afford them. So get educated on Affordable Care Act Compliance and get the best group health benefits for your employees. Now these rules may not float your boat, but you can finally leave the lagoon with your “little buddies” and get back to civilization.

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