5 Reasons Why Employees Have Problems with Their Finances

Fake News! Not Again!!” Okay, little shepherd boy, we’re calling you out. You’re always crying about your bills eating up your finances. But every time we try to help you out and school you on financial literacy, we find out that you’re not being truthful. So, why should we believe you this time when everyone knows that you never keep it real?

Before we wolf down yet another false alarm, we’re going to identify some of the main reasons why you’re in so much financial trouble:

  1. 40% of employees working full-time don’t have at least $2,000 in emergency savings.
  2. 4% of employees have had trouble meeting monthly household expenses.
  3. 47% of employees consistently carry balances on their credit cards.
  4. 26% find it difficult to make minimum payments on time.
  5. 30% haven’t been able to make major purchases in the past year for items they need.

Okay, you should have learned your lesson by now. Start making changes with your savings, so you can pay your bills on time and make necessary purchases. And as long as you stop lying to yourself, you won’t trick yourself into thinking that you can bite off more than you can chew.

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