“Climb” Your Way to Financial Freedom and Avoid a “Giant” Ball of Debt

How to Achieve Financial Independence with Some Easy Tips

What happened! That big fat payment you got days ago seems to habeanstalkve “magically” disappeared. Oh, come on! You know exactly where it went. You’ve got a “beanstalk” of bills and those suckers are “chasing” you every day. And let’s not forget about some of your “poor decisions.”  It’s okay, you’re not the only one who has made a “bad deal” from time to time. You thought you were going to get a bonanza and what you actually got didn’t amount to a bag of “beans.” Drats! You should have at least gotten an “even trade.” Now you’re asking yourself, where’s your “golden goose?”  Look, you’re not going to get it from some get-rich-quick scheme. And that’s a fact, “Jack!” 

If you could start focusing on achieving financial freedom, you can have a “rich” life. Sure, it sounds like a “tall tale,” but it’s possible, if you just start making some changes. You’ve heard for years that you should spend less and save more, but your income only goes but so far. What you need is more structure. First, avoid those “steals” you have difficulty resisting and start finding ways to increase and hold onto more income. “Fee Fi Fo Fum, there’s money out there and you can get some.”

At Achieve Financial Group we’d like to give you some suggestions on how you can enhance your finances and put yourself in a position where you can put money worries behind you.

Consider nontraditional income opportunities to increase or supplement your income.

  1. Live below your means, so you can easily afford your standard of living.
  2. Avoid debt, unless you’re making money from it.
  3. Get out of bad debt, especially debt that you’re paying interest on.
  4. Create multiple streams of income.
  5. Save a portion of your income from each check.
  6. Reach for the highest rate of return on investments.
  7. Buy an annuity and receive scheduled payments in regular intervals.


Go ahead and go for a “castle in the sky,” but you need to have discipline when it comes to your monetary affairs. Create a nest “egg” for yourself. Debt is trying to “eat you alive.” Don’t let it. You shouldn’t “harp” on past money mistakes.  All you have to do now is make sure your money is working for you and then you’ll have your own “bag of gold.”

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