What Are the Best Investments for Millennials
When Thinking Ahead, These Are Some of The Best Companies to Invest In.

“Great Scott!” Millennials are interested in investing their money. That’s right, Doc! Your buddy Marty McFly gave you the slip and he’s gone back to the future. Yeah, he’s off the whole matchmaking mission, ever since Tinder got poppin’. Now, the 80’s teen is more focused on stopping cyberbullies like Biff from intimidating millennials about their finances. You see, during Marty’s travels to the year 2040, he noticed that some of the older folks were doing pretty well from sound investments they’d made in 2017. So, he decided to return to the present to give some advice to their younger versions. Ain’t that a trip!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, think that Marty’s the most, so we hopped on our skateboards and zipped over to the malt shop to supply him with more details on some of the best companies to invest in. According to our calculations, there are over 1,985 stock tips that we could recommend, but we’ll focus on just a few for now.

Starbucks – Starbucks has maintained brand loyalty and customer trust, which can determine a company’s longevity and growth.

Apple – This company has profited exponentially and has seen stock prices rise steadily. Their products are always in high demand, which makes them a powerful worldwide brand.

Tesla Motors – More drivers are purchasing Teslas for their performance and commitment to staying green. So, their sales are expected to increase because they’re focused on clean energy.

Amazon.com – This is a trusted company that continues to sell a majority of technology based products on the market, so they’re expected to see an incline in growth.

Chipotle Mexican Grill – This company is known for it’s quality food and engagement with their stakeholders, employees and customers. They have grown consistently and are planning to expand catering and mobile services.

• Google – This company has had reliable growth and has always been focused on the long term, so it’s ideal for millennials to invest in.

We may not have a time machine, but we can give millennials some pretty solid leads on what they should invest in for their later years. So, don’t wait for lightening to strike at the clock tower. Take advantage of the gigawatt of stocks that are available and make every moment count. #AchieveMore

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