No Matter What Zip Code You Work In, Find Out What Employees Expect from Their Benefits

The 90210 gang’s all here!  Hey guys! Everyone has headed over to the Peach Pit for some sodas and fries. And look who just showed up, Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin. They’re all worked up over David and that Rebel Without a Clue, Dylan McKay. What a player! Well, what do you expect from these 90210 types? Wait a minute! Are they filling out work applications for this burger joint? Well, the word over on Rodeo Drive is that their dress shop bit the dust, so now they need a new gig to keep up with their Beverly Hills lifestyle. But before they apply for the jobs, they have a few concerns about their employment benefits. Although these gals have parents who can hook them up, their potential new employer will need to provide a few perks.

We, at Achieve Financial Group, have decided to get into our convertible and ride on over to help these girls with their requests. We should start by letting them know what most employees want from their employers. So, let’s try spell-ing it out for them:

 Healthcare plan – Employees want healthcare coverage that also includes a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA)

 Vacation Time – Employees want more vacation time throughout the year with the option of a cash reimbursement, if they don’t use their vacation days.

Paid Maternity, Paternity Leave and Paid Time Off – Employees not only want paid time off, but they want to retain their employee benefits while they’re on leave.

 Flexible schedules – Employees want to be able to complete their work for the day and then return to their daily lives or work from home.

Pay Raise – Employees want the option to advance in their careers quickly with a significant increase in pay.

 Customized Employee Benefits – Employees want benefits that will meet their personal needs and changes that may occur in their lives.

 Retirement Plan – Employees want more support with their retirement planning.

Alright ladies, welcome to your new jobs. Now you can serve your buddies Steve, Brenda, Brandon, Andrea and even Val when they stop by for some grub. But remember, they’ve all got drama and most of the time it doesn’t end well. So, just take their orders and be glad that you still look high-class in your uniforms. Work it girls!
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