Student Athletes Dance with Academic Pressures

The Challenges That Make High School Athletes’ Face an Educational “Dip”

“Let’s get ready to Rumba!” Alright, it’s time to tune in to “Dancing with the Students!” A cast of high school athletes are hittin’ the ballroom floor to compete for a shot at athletic success. We’re cool with that, as long as coaches, parents and athletic directors don’t cha-cha-cha around the importance of academics. The truth is, they can freestyle sometimes and only focus on sports, which we all know is whack! So, we need to let these judges know that it takes two to tango and that these kids need their education too.

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to grab the mic and take over as host. The state board of education requires that students receive academic training and not just athletic training, so we have to make sure that these athletes receive fair scores and don’t waltz through their studies. Look, we know that many of them are pressured to perform as athletes. However, they may foxtrot their way out of school work and risk getting booted off of the show. Well, if they can overcome the following issues, they’ll make it to the finale.

• Single Sports. Many students are influenced by coaches to concentrate on one sport, instead of exploring other interests. Students who don’t exhibit extraordinary athletic skills are often discriminated against by some coaches.

• Success. To meet the academic requirements that students must achieve to participate in high school sports some coaches may coax a student into acquiring good grades through cheating. Some students are pressured to get scholarships through improper practices.

• Time. High school sports can often monopolize a student’s time, making it difficult for them to keep up with their academic work and other responsibilities. The pressure can diminish the joy they once had for athletics and cause unnecessary stress.

Wow! The votes are in. Look who’s at the top of the leader board! You guessed right; it’s the athletes that also make education a priority. Now, we don’t want to jive the students; high school won’t be a quickstep and these sporty students won’t win a mirror ball trophy, but they WILL win a high school diploma and a possible athletic future. What an awesome prize!

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