Annuities Offer a Solution to Long Term Care Planning – Don’t alienate it as an option!

How Deferred Annuities Offer Flexibility in Funding Long Term Care

NA-NU NA-NO Funding!” Calling Orson, Come in Orson!  If Mork is now officially an earthling, then what’s up that red one piece?  Isn’t he supposed to be studying human behavior?  So, why doesn’t he have a stylist and a long term care plan for his retirement?  Orson, find some cell service on planet Ork, so you can phone someone about an annuity. It will help to fund his future care. Otherwise, he’ll just be another U.F.O – Under Funded Orkan!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, are going to get in an eggship and roll over to Mindy’s to meet Mork. We’re not trying to alienate you Orson, but we’d rather tell this cool spaceman how annuities can be strategically utilized to help fund long-term care expenditures through the use of deferred annuities.  In fact, we think it’s an extraterrestrial slam dunk. K.O.?

  1. Qualified longevity annuity contracts (QLACs) are deferred annuities that help retirees meet their long-term care funding needs.
  2. Retirees can increase their income near the time when most people need to fund large long-term care expenditures.
  3. Retirees can create various levels of income for different periods of retirement.
  4. Deferred annuities can help retirees avoid required minimum distributions at age 70½.
  5. QLACs can be purchased inside of an IRA or 401(k)
  6. The rules allow the QLAC to stay in the IRA without payments until age 85

Okay, Orson, this is what should be in your weekly report from Mork. Humans retire after working for a specified number of years. A deferred annuity can help financially support them as they get older and need more care.  Until next week, this is Achieve Financial Group signing off.

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