What You Should Know About Life Insurance and Why You Need It Now

He’ll get you if it’s the last thing he does!” Hey, little friend, we don’t mean to give you the blues, but Papa Smurf, you should know that whacked out wizard Gargamel has been talking smack about your peeps again. Aren’t you going to clap back? You’re too wrapped up in your sunshine and rainbows singing la.la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la to notice that his mangy cat Azreal is on the prowl. Run smurfs! You need to smurf to higher grounds and get some life insurance! Reow-row-row-reowww!

Look, it’s just a matter of time before he finds your village and casts an evil spell on it. So, ignore any life insurance myths you’ve heard through Smurfette. She’s true blue, but her colorful notions can cloud her sense of reality.

We, at Achieve Financial Group, invite you to get into your Smurfmobile and visit our office, so we can give you the real deal on life insurance:

  1. Only the sole-provider should purchase life insurance – You should have insurance on both the sole provider and the stay-at-home spouse. If something should happen to the stay-at-home spouse, the working spouse can have time to recover from the loss.
  2. Your work insurance is all you need – You may need to purchase additional life insurance to cover the replacement of your income if something should happen to you.
  3. You can’t purchase life insurance if you have poor health – Some insurance companies take on high-risk cases. But if you have poor health, the premiums may be a lot higher.
  4. Life insurance is too expensive to purchase now – Many people overestimate the costs of life insurance. Most researchers find that it’s considerably less than expected.
  5. You’re young, so life insurance can wait – If you wait too long, it will be more expensive. You’re also more likely to develop health issues, which can make it more expensive.
  6. Purchasing life insurance online is the better option – An insurance agent can give you the best price based on your health situation. They can also explain the terms of the application.
  7. You should only buy term insurance and invest the difference – A permanent policy can be better for your family if you need life insurance for your entire life.

No matter what you have ‘blue’ming on the horizon, there’s no amount of sorcery that will stop your nemesis, the sorcerer, from coming for you. So, make an appointment with your in’smurf’ance agent today. It’s the smurfiest thing you can do.

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