Strategies for a Financial Boost When You Decide to Retire

“Cruella De-Victim?” Look Miss De Vil, we heard that you need more money for your retirement, but doggone it! You tried to take out a whole pup-ulation for a fly coat! Now, you want to slow down your gangster girl moves and start saving for your future. Fur Real! Okay, we hear you, but you have to understand that everything’s not black and white!

We, at Achieve Financial Group, know 101 ways to solve your doughmation problems. We’ll tell you just a few to help you grab enough cash, when you finally give up the pooch pranks and retire.

  1. Certificate of Deposit – The longer the term of your CD, the higher the interest rate you’ll receive
  2. Laddered Bonds – You can buy bonds so they mature at various future points
  3. Stock Dividend Income – Dividends often increase each year
  4. High Yield Investments – These investments pay out super-sized yields
  5. Balanced Portfolio – Stocks and bonds will allow you to withdraw from each account during retirement
  6. Immediate Annuities – With a lump sum deposit you receive income for life

Alright, Cru, we know there are two sides to your story, but your new one should be about a former villain turned financial boss. All you have to do is keep your paws to yourself, make more income for your retirement and keep your reputation spotless.  #AchieveMore

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